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...to us, is determining what the client desires and offering ways to implement those desires to minimize taxes while preserving administrative simplicity.

We offer a wide variety of estate planning services, starting with basic estate planning documents such as the revocable Declaration of Trust intended to make straight forward gifts of property at death, and the companion "core documents" comprised of the pour-over Will, Powers of Attorney for Property and Health Care, Standby Guardian Designation, and the Living Will.

Estate planning services extend, however, to income, gift and estate tax planning, and may include a number of advanced planning strategies which are intended to minimize values for tax purposes, redirect income tax liability, and shelter assets from non-governmental creditors.

The firm is a leader in establishing fixed price estimates for various types of planning documents, and has embraced technology early on in an effort to reduce the time it takes to produce and deliver documents. Today we generally produce finished drafts in 5 to 10 working days, and can deliver those documents (to clients and their financial advisors) instantly via secure email transmission. We are also in the forefront in using computer-generated color flow charts to assist clients in more easily understanding complex plans which may have a life span of three or more generations.  Planning does not end with the execution of documents. Experience with clients who have used other professionals has taught us that the post-execution work of re-titling assets in the name of newly created trusts, is far too often left incomplete, or not attended to at all. We pride ourselves in the closure we bring to this part of the planning process. Using technology to assist us and keep our clients informed, any paralegal in the firm (and any attorney) is able to access a "real time" record of what is happening on a client's file. Financial planners or other professionals working with us in the planning arena will enjoy these same immediate update capabilities, and will never be delayed while someone "... looks for the file to see what the status is."

Free Planning Package
We also offer a package of information which provides basic information and some worksheets to get you started.You can
download this package as a PDF* document, or contact us and we'll send you one free of charge.  (*Viewing a PDF document requires PDF viewing software; you can download it here for free.)